- FeLV/FIV negative

- Parasite free
- Current on vaccines
- Health guaranteed    (written)

- Offspring of CFA          Certified Pedigree Parents

All of our queens/studs are registered with the CFA (Cat Fancier’s Association). Your kitten will come with a certified copy of the parents pedigrees from the CFA. 

Kittens Are:


Colors Available

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We are a proud CFA Registered Cornish Rex Cattery in beautiful Ozark, Missouri. Ozark is located in-between Springfield, MO and Branson, MO- ~20 miles from each city. We proudly hand-raise our kittens as a part of our family, ensuring exceptional temperament and health. Our kittens are well socialized from a young age. Each kitten is raised with our children, our other pets, and are brought up in a clean and loving environment.

CFA Registration

Small Cornish Rex Cattery in Ozark, MO

We have kittens of most every color available. This includes solids, bi-colors, tabbys, calicos, tortis, van bi-colors, lynx points, and color points.

Ozark Cornish Rex

​Please call or email for exact pricing on a specific kitten. Pricing varies for each kitten based on several different factors. Kitten prices start at $850.00.